$500,000 Winning Ticket Found In A Pile Of Leaves

How’s this for  a crazy stroke of luck. Marvin Martinez, 27, found a scratch off ticket for the New York Lottery game “Win $1,000 a Week for Life”. He found the ticket whilst working as a landscaper in Hicksville, New York back in 2012. And was actually clearing up after Hurricane Sandy had paid a […]

Florida Lottery Winner Gets $20 Million On A Scratch-Off

The Florida Lottery drew the grand prize in their $600 Million High Roller scratch-off game on 15th September. And the big Florida lottery winner is Patricia Howell, 55, of Jacksonville. She just collected her check for $15,051,167.49 (as she opted for an immediate lump sum payment of the $20 million prize). She originally won a […]

Scratchers Winner Margaret Kilian Banks $100,000

Margaret Kilian bought a Funky 5′s scratch off lottery ticket. As many of us do she sat in her car getting silver dust all over the place, crossing her fingers for a win of maybe $10 or even $50. So she couldn’t believe it when she realised she had just won $100,000. Margaret was stunned […]

Secret Russian Lottery System Hits $35 Million on Mega Millions

Abraham and Celia Silverbush hit the big time with a $35 Million win on Mega Millions, announced this morning. Also revealed was that they used a lottery system to secure the huge win. Abraham said he and his wife routinely pooled their money together with their five children to buy tickets, and then applied a […]

New Zealand Lottery Winners Finally Beat Frozen Chicken Win

A couple formally from Wellington, New Zealand just hit $333,333 on the NZ Lotto. The wife heard on Sunday that the Pak n’ Save store in Richmond had sold a winning ticket. Nervously checking their tickets she discovered their big win: “I realised we had six matching numbers on the last line of one ticket […]