EuroMillions Getting Crazy Again

playing the euromillionsIt’s rolling like a geriatric stone! So Europe’s most popular lottery game has just blasted past a jumbo jackpot of €100 Million again.

But play in an online EuroMillions syndicate and your chances of actually walking away with a share of that lovely jackpot greatly increase. Typically by around 50 times according to the folks at

So if you’re tempted by this big game (which does have some tricky odds), then you’d be wise to consider taking this route to playing. Especially when the jackpot is this big – because even after you share out the winnings between all the members of the syndicate group – there’s still enough kicking around that everyone gets to play millionaire!

Let me know if you give a EuroMillions syndicate a try, or if you play in one already. And don’t forget, we always love a good winners story here, so let us know how you get on too.

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