Curing Lottery System Craziness

crazyThere are a ton of ‘lottery systems’ out there that claim they can snatch the jackpot from the jaws of randomness. But do any of them really work?

It’s pretty safe to say most of them simply don’t, but how do you find separate the junk from the gems?

Well, you could try asking the National Lottery Commission… er yeah, only joking, but you can now try a new website set up just for the purpose. analyse and review lottery systems – take their review of the Winslips system for example, I challenge you to find a more in-depth review of it anywhere!

And that’s the whole point of the site. Detailed reviews, that cut beneath the hype and break down just what it is you get for your money. Which has to be a good thing for lottery consumers everywhere, right?

Well, we applaud them anyway. It’s better than either total guesswork or letting the sales letter hype get you all fired up – only to see nothing but a bunch of losing lottery tickets when you find out the hype was simply hype with no substance.

Don’t forget to let us know your experiences with the site, and with systems in general – found any good ones you really rate?

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