Curse of the lottery

This is one Powerball winner who wishes he had never won the lottery.

Store clerk sees opportunity, ends up in prison

It’s a typical scene:  customer comes in convenience store and hands the clerk a lottery ticket from the previous day’s drawing to see if it is a winner.  Clerk says it is not a winner, and customer is not all that surprised.  But what if the ticket was actually a big winner, and the clerk […]

Prank fake lottery ticket

There are fake scratch-off tickets that you can buy and give to an unsuspecting victim.  Of course they are all “big winners” until they read the back of the ticket and see that it is a joke.  As much as I love a good prank, I think this is just going too far.  It’s sad […]

Why Lottery Winners Lose it All

You have heard it time and again. Lottery Winners losing it all and trust fund babies wasting their parent’s hard earned cash. Incredibly up to 80% of lottery winners file bankruptcy within five years! You might think “that would never happen to me, you would have to be really dumb to lose all that money…” […]


How to be a Successful Lottery Winner

Every lottery player has often dreamed what they would do with their winnings if they were fortunate enough to win a large jackpot. The prospect of suddenly having millions of dollars makes the most rational mind indulge in flights of fancy. All lottery players at one time or another have dreamed of expensive cars, huge […]

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