Curing Lottery System Craziness

crazyThere are a ton of ‘lottery systems’ out there that claim they can snatch the jackpot from the jaws of randomness. But do any of them really work?

It’s pretty safe to say most of them simply don’t, but how do you find separate the junk from the gems?

Well, you could try asking the National Lottery Commission… er yeah, only joking, but you can now try a new website set up just for the purpose. analyse and review lottery systems – take their review of the Winslips system for example, I challenge you to find a more in-depth review of it anywhere!

EuroMillions Getting Crazy Again

playing the euromillionsIt’s rolling like a geriatric stone! So Europe’s most popular lottery game has just blasted past a jumbo jackpot of €100 Million again.

But play in an online EuroMillions syndicate and your chances of actually walking away with a share of that lovely jackpot greatly increase. Typically by around 50 times according to the folks at

So if you’re tempted by this big game (which does have some tricky odds), then you’d be wise to consider taking this route to playing.

Powerball is improving!

Just when you thought the most exciting lottery game on the planet couldn’t get any better…it’s getting better!

With the addition of Florida to the states that sell Powerball tickets, there are changes being made that many people will find very exciting.  Here are some of the big ones:

1. The starting jackpot will now be $20 million – that’s the largest starting jackpot of any lottery game in the world.

2. Currently the average jackpot is around $95 million.  The average jackpot in the new games is expected to be around $141 million.