Group of nurses can now afford new stethoscopes

If the Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center seems a little short of nurses in the near future, we will know the reason why.  A group of 16 RNs won the Florida Lotto, and are sharing a total jackpot of $6 million. And here’s the interesting part: before they got together to claim the winnings and […]

Husband wins lottery; prefers not to share with wife

Arnim Ramdass just never learned to share. Ramdass, an American Airline mechanic, was part of a pool of 17 people (all mechanics) who won a lottery jackpot of $19 million.  Then he began an impressive charade of keeping it a secret from his wife, Donna Campbell.  He disconnected their home telephone, and he never turned […]

Naked couple wins the Lottery

Brian Tucker and Margaret Dallard won almost $500,000 in the UK Lottery, but they won’t be spending any money on clothes. Rather than a new wardrobe, the couple have plans to pay off a couple of mortgages and give some money to their children (between them, they have 8 kids).  Beyond that, they are planning […]

Millionaire lottery winner goes back to his job – at McDonald’s

Okay, we have had some weird stories on here, but this one has even us stumped. Luke Pittard was 24 years old and working at McDonald’s.  He bought a lottery ticket, and he won US$2.6 million.  So of course he quits his job, marries his sweetheart, and takes a worldwide vacation. That took about a […]

Secret to winning? Quit the office lottery pool

If you ask Mark Weir how he won the lottery, he’ll tell you it’s because he stopped playing – at least in his office lottery pool. Weir bought shares in his office lottery pool for years and only won very small amounts occasionally.  He works as a machine operator in a plastics factory.  This time, […]