Secret to winning? Quit the office lottery pool

If you ask Mark Weir how he won the lottery, he’ll tell you it’s because he stopped playing – at least in his office lottery pool.

Weir bought shares in his office lottery pool for years and only won very small amounts occasionally.  He works as a machine operator in a plastics factory.  This time, he went out and bought his own ticket.  He immediately won US$5.3 million in a Lotto jackpot.

He has a few plans.  He is going on a shopping spree with his wife, Julie. 

NY couple spends $42/week on lotto for 32 years…and WINS TWICE

Eugene and Adeline Angelo know a little bit about defying the odds. 

They won the New York Lottery’s 6-number Lotto game TWICE in 11 years.  The odds of winning it just ONCE are a staggering 22 million to 1.  To win it twice is beyond-all-belief unlikely.

The first time they won was in 1996, when they received the lump payout of $2.5 million (that was a $10 million jackpot that they shared with 3 other people).  This time, they had the jackpot all to themselves, but it is still a similar amount as before – $2.5 million in a lump sum.

Unknown British person wins UK’s biggest jackpot

A lucky winner has anonymously claimed the biggest lottery jackpot in the country’s history – the equivalent of US$71 million.

That’s a lot of dollars (or, in this case, pounds).

To win, the player had to match 5 main numbers exactly, plus 2 other “lucky star” numbers.  No details about the owner of the ticket could be revealed unless the winner agreed to publicity.

The previous record for a single jackpot payout was a measly US$16.8 million in April 2004, won by Marion Richardson of Gateshead.

Numbers from fortune cookie pay off big

Danny Williams went out to eat with his girlfriend Christina at a Chinese restaurant in Greece, and of course at the end of the meal he was given a fortune cookie.  The key word there is “fortune”.

That was four years ago, and he has been playing those numbers ever since.  He has won a few times, just small amounts.  But last week, the UK National Lottery was kind to him and he won a share of the big jackpot.  He was one of 10 people who each won about US$470,000.

Millionaire raffle winner “had a feeling” he would win

Paul Gamber had a hunch.

“It’s something that I always knew would happen to me. I’ve always had this belief something good would happen for me with the lottery,” he said, after picking up his check for one million dollars at the Pittsburgh-area deli where he bought the ticket.

Gamber has won smaller prizes several times, but this is the first time he has hit it big.  “I always play the lottery,” he commented.

The winning ticket was purchased for $20.