Lottery Winners

Numbers from fortune cookie pay off big

Danny Williams went out to eat with his girlfriend Christina at a Chinese restaurant in Greece, and of course at the end of the meal he was given a fortune cookie.  The key word there is “fortune”.

That was four years ago, and he has been playing those numbers ever since.  He has won a few times, just small amounts.  But last week, the UK National Lottery was kind to him and he won a share of the big jackpot.  He was one of 10 people who each won about US$470,000.

He didn’t tell any of his friends right away.  “I didn’t want to tell anyone until I knew it was definite and it was killing me having to keep quiet.” he said.

After getting the fortune cookie that day and starting to play those numbers, he was scared to play any other numbers because “I thought the moment I did would be the day they came up.”

Williams plans on a vacation with Christina, then treating himself to a new motorbike, and buying a house.

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