Did You Win?

If you are a lottery winner of $100,000 or more, our reader want to hear your story.

Everybody loves a lottery winners story. We all want to know how you felt when you discovered you had won. Did you tell anyone or keep it quiet till the money was in your account. What did you do when got the money? Did you move home, did you stay in your job, give money to family or charities. Did you go nuts and buy cars and endless gadgets and toys!? We want to know!

Your interview would appear here on in a question/answer format.  You can of course remain entirely anonymous if you want to. But some kind of proof of winnings would be great so our readers can enjoy your story even more. It could be photos or scans of documents, or you collecting your big check (face masked if you prefer). Or you could just send a cash donation to prove how wealthy you now are – anything over $10,000 or so would be considered sufficient proof ;-).

To add your winners story to the site, please get in touch now:-