Lottery Winners

Hey, maybe this guy really DOES have a system for winning

If you were going to buy 4 lottery tickets, wouldn’t you buy 4 different sets of numbers?  That way, you have 4 chances of winning in case only one of those sets came up.

The only exception to that would be if you knew what the winning numbers were going to be.  Then, of course, you would buy only that set of numbers.

That is what Verlyn Adamson and Judith Adamson did.  Verlyn says he has a system for predicting the winning Lottery numbers.

The couple went to 4 different convenience stores, and bought a ticket at each store.  All 4 tickets purchased were for the same set of numbers, for the same drawing.

Their winnings total almost $1 million (and that’s after taxes).  Not bad for a $4 investment.

If they wrote a book about how to win the lottery, it would be destined to be a big seller.  You can’t argue with success.

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