Lottery Losers Strange

Lottery losers sue the lottery!

In Indianapolis, there’s a strange lawsuit being filed.  It claims that the Hoosier Lottery misrepresented the odds of winning a particular scratch-off game.  The suit has been granted class-action status by a Marion county judge.

So, anyone who bought a ticket to the game can join the lawsuit.  This sounds like a free-for-all just waiting to happen.

The suit states that the lottery misstated the number and amount of prizes available in the “Cash Blast” game during some months of 2005 and 2006.


Lotto winner never shows up!

Okay, $174,575 is not exactly a million bucks.  But wouldn’t you take it if it were offered to you?

That is the winning amount for a Mega Millions ticket that was purchased at a convenience store in Corona, California.  And the winner has yet to step forward and claim it.  Today is the last day he or she can do so.

Lottery jackpost have gone unclaimed before in California.  When this happens, the winnings are donated to the state’s schools.  So far, about $50 million has been donated in this fashion.