Lottery Losers

From Lottery multimillionaire to federal prisoner

Rhoda Toth’s life has been like a roller coaster.

First, she won $13 million in the Florida Lottery.  Then she behaved seemingly without benefit of the thought process; she and her husband filed false tax returns for several years to avoid paying federal income tax on the winnings (Toth’s husband, Alex, has since passed away).

When charged with the crime, Toth was determined to have no assets.  The only electricity she had was from an extension cord hooked to their car engine (how does that even work?).  Her claim was the standard one of lottery winners who don’t know how to manage their money: it was all spent on gambling, giving gifts to family and friends, and just generally living it up.

She has been ordered to pay the IRS back taxes of $1.1 million, at a rate of $100 per month (starting after her release from prison).  Yeah, that’s a debt that will be paid of in no time.

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