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Cowboy Lottery Winner Gets $232M Powerball Jackpot

23 year old cowboy lottery winner Neal Wanless struck gold with the Powerball on Friday, with a massive win of $232 million. And what a deserving winner too.

Good kid cowboy Neal is single and lives with his parents on the family 320 acre ranch near Mission, Todd County, where they raise cattle, sheep and horses. Rural Todd County in South Dakota is the seventh poorest county in the USA.

The family don’t own a phone, and even had a mobile home repossessed last year. They were in danger of losing their house until Neil had a very lucky day in town.

Bought Tickets Bought In Winner!

Driving into town for some livestock feed, Neil took a chance on $15 worth of tickets for 27 May Powerball draw. He couldn’t help but smile when he explained he bought the tickets at a convenience store in a town called Winner.

The local Mission people and friends were truly happy for Neil and his family, as wearing a black cowboy hat and a huge smile he accepted his giant check in a ceremony on Friday. “I hope they enjoy their money”, said county assessor Cathy Vrbka and family friend, “they work hard, backbreaking hard work.”

What Will Cowboy Lotto Winner Neil Do With The Money?

He spent the last week working on the ranch and plans to continue that lifestyle. Although he did tell lottery officials he plans to buy himself a bigger spread.

He will also repay the kindness the town have shown to his family. “My family has been helped by the community, and I intend to repay that help many times over”, he said, “I want to thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity and blessing me with this great fortune. I will not squander it” .

$88.5 Million In The Bank

Neil chose the lump sum option for his winnings, so even after taxes are deducted, he walks away with a new bank balance of $88.5 million. Making him one of the biggest lottery jackpot winners in US lottery history.

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