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Winner Of Florida Lottery Opens Nude Dude Ranch!

He won a cool $3.3 million jackpot, so what did winner of the Florida lottery Tim Clements decide to do with his money?

Open a nude dude ranch of course!

Tim proudly opened the doors for business just a few weeks ago using his winnings from the Florida lottery, but local Brooksville neighbors saw his new sign and started asking questions. And county code enforcement officers were drafted in to check out the ranch.

And unfortunately Tim didn’t realise that providing B&B facilities and spaces for RV’s needed local authority permission, so clothing optional ‘CJ Dude Ranch’ is in danger of closure before it even gets started.

Even if Tim gets permissions he’s still up against a county ‘no public nudity’ policy in force since 2002. But he’s still optimisitic, “my place is so private,” he said, “and I’m always out washing the bus in the nude.”

So the nude cowboy dream is not over just yet. His website still proudly proclaims:-

We are Clothing Optional but you must wear pants and boots to ride the horses.

That rule is a no-brainer right? As Tim says, “you don’t want blisters on your behind, do you?”.

And if you can’t open a nude ranch when you win the Florida lottery, then there’s just no justice in life is there 😉

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Oh yeah, if ‘naked cowboy dude’ is your thing, and you want to take a break with a Florida lottery winner – you can find Tim here:

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