Lottery Winners Strange

Millionaire lottery winner goes back to his job – at McDonald’s

Okay, we have had some weird stories on here, but this one has even us stumped.

Luke Pittard was 24 years old and working at McDonald’s.  He bought a lottery ticket, and he won US$2.6 million.  So of course he quits his job, marries his sweetheart, and takes a worldwide vacation.

That took about a year and a half.  Then he remembered how great his life was when he was working at McDonald’s, so he went back and asked for his old job back.  Of course they were happy to have him back.

Lottery Winner Luke, doing what he loves

Do you see anthing wrong with this picture?  This guy could do anything he wants with his life.  He could spend his days handing out $100 bills to homeless people.  He could establish a college scholarship and fund it himself.  He could buy random strangers a new car.  He could do anything he wants – and he decides that the best way he can spend his life here on this earth is to get up every day and serve junk food to people.

His wife’s reaction?  “Oh, I totally understand it.”  (Keep in mind, however – she works for McDonald’s as well.)

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