Lottery Winners Strange

Strange reaction to a lottery win

Everyone kind of imagines what they would do if they found out they won the lottery.  Jump up and down, scream, call your spouse, quit your job, all kinds of things.

Betty Tapson didn’t do any of those things.  When she found out that she held a ticket that had a value of $111,877, she simply and calmly went to work.

Even Tapson herself, when thinking about it later on, was surprised at her own reaction.  “I don’t know how I did it.  I just had to go to work.  I functioned well all day and I didn’t think about it all day.”

Eventually, later in the day, she called her boyfriend who was out of town at the time.  His first question for her was: “What are you still doing at work?”

They plan to do some remodeling to their home, and they will also invest in education funds for their 7 grandchildren.  And they will keep buying lottery tickets, because you never know when you might win a second time.

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