Lottery Winners

Lottery winner quits job, then takes it one step further

For most people, the biggest benefit of winning the lottery is the ability to quit your job.  That’s what Natalie McGuire did when she was part of a group that won about $6 million.

She worked as a hairdresser, so she left that job and spent some time traveling and enjoying herself.  But then she was left with the thought, “What now?”  She decided she wanted to do something to keep busy, so she went back into business as a hairdresser.

She started her own shop, and hired some of her former co-workers.  The funny thing is, her shop is just down the street from the hair salon where she used to work.  So she is no longer a former employee; now she is the competition.

And she is turning out to be tought competition indeed.  Her shop is doing very well and is quite popular with the local residents.

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