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Lottery winner takes a year to claim prize

Peter Dushop could be called a procrastinating millionaire.

Dushop, 24 years old, is a realtor.  Approximately a year ago, he won a $3.6-million Lotto jackpot.  But he waited until Monday – three weeks before the deadline to come forward – to claim his winnings.

“I just really needed some time to think about how this will affect me and the people around me,” Dushop said in a news release.  “I’m still kind of in shock.”

Come on, I know that’s a lot of money, but “still in shock” a year later?

Dushop put his winning ticket in a safe-deposit box while he pondered exactly how to handle this change in his life.  By doing so, he has lost almost $100,000 in interest that he would have earned during that time if the money had been in a bank account.

However, Dushop said he isn’t too worried about the lost interest income.

“I definitely thought about the interest,” he said, “but in relation to the overall prize I thought it was worth taking the time to just come to terms with everything.”

Could you wait a year before claiming your lottery winnings?

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