Lottery Winners

A bright spot at the end of a tragic year for family

Fiona Patterson has not had a good year.

In March, she lost 4 family members in an automobile crash.  Six weeks later, her grandmother and her aunt died of natural causes.  Shortly after that, Fiona herself was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Still, Fiona is keeping her chin up.  Helping her do that is the fact that she recently won $24,000 in the lottery.  Not huge wealth, but at least a positive event in a very difficult year.

Miss Patterson says, Things are not as bad as they could be. I have a mild form of MS and there are a lot of people worse off than me.  We are a very close family, and the things we went through this year just made us stronger.  But this win is a nice way to end the year.”

Here’s hoping she wins again; she deserves it.

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