Lottery Winners

The family that plays lotto together, stays together

The Matthews family has been celebrating this weekend after they won the second prize in the Jersey Hospice Million Pound Lottery.

Mo Matthews was part of a group of 13 members of his family, including his wife, two sons and sisters, and together they won around US$200,000..

Mr. Matthews said: ‘You don’t really think you are going to win. We looked upon it as a donation and didn’t expect to win anything. You always think of it as the kind of thing that happens to other people.’

Mr Matthews and his wife, Jill, were watching the draw live on TV, but they only watched the drawing for first prize and then turned it off before their winning numbers were announced as second prize.

‘My younger son came down to see us so I turned the television off,’ said Mrs Matthews. ‘The next morning I turned on Teletext to see if we knew anyone who had won and I thought the second prize number looked familiar. I went upstairs, grabbed the ticket and shouted. My husband thought there was something wrong with the dog because he hasn’t been well. But I told him we had won the lottery. I just can’t believe it’s happened.’

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