Lottery Winners

These lottery winners will keep on working

Wouldn’t it be great to have a job that you love so much that you would keep working even if you didn’t have to?  That seems to be the case with Bob and Pat Green.

Together, they own and operate a motorcycle repair garage.  Bob says he will continue running the business for as long as he enjoys doing it.

The Greens recently won the UK Lotto jackpot, which means they are US$4.3 million richer.

Pat was at home the morning she discovered they had won.  She immediately called Bob and told him.  He kept working that full day like nothing had happened, though when he got home they did celebrate a bit.

The Greens have a 33-year old son, Stewart, who still lives at home with them.  They are using their recent publicity to put out a plea for a wife for him.  Jokingly, Bob said, “He is not engaged or married, so if there is anybody who can help him out, he’s looking for a rich lady with sporting interests.”

The Greens also plan to do some improvements on their home, and buy another motorcycle or two.

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