Lottery Winners

Secret to winning? Quit the office lottery pool

If you ask Mark Weir how he won the lottery, he’ll tell you it’s because he stopped playing – at least in his office lottery pool.

Weir bought shares in his office lottery pool for years and only won very small amounts occasionally.  He works as a machine operator in a plastics factory.  This time, he went out and bought his own ticket.  He immediately won US$5.3 million in a Lotto jackpot.

He has a few plans.  He is going on a shopping spree with his wife, Julie.  He is also going to buy some new fishing gear, and a brand new car.  His wife wants to take a vacation to New York City.

He also has a message for his co-workers: “You won’t get a penny”.  With that attitude, since he plans to continue working, he may find that a few friendships aren’t what they used to be.

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