Lottery Winners

Would you bet $50,000 for a chance to win $1 million? Yes, you would.

Judith Yap is hoping her luck holds out for a second win.

Last month Yap, a nurse, won $150,000 in the lottery where she lives (Illinois).  In Illinois, you can turn in $30 of losing tickets to get your name in a drawing for the “Replay for Riches” promotion.  Her name was drawn for the $150,000 prize.

But she now has a chance to multiply that prize.  She and 6 others have the opportunity to risk one-third of their winnings (in her case, $50,000) for a 1-in-6 chance at $1 million. 

Yap’s logic at taking the risk?  “I think, what the heck.  If you go to the final event, you’re still going to walk away with $100,000.”  It’s hard to argue with that!  She did admit that she will be nervous when the time comes though.

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