Lottery Winners

Scratchers Winner Margaret Kilian Banks $100,000

Margaret Kilian bought a Funky 5’s scratch off lottery ticket. As many of us do she sat in her car getting silver dust all over the place, crossing her fingers for a win of maybe $10 or even $50.

So she couldn’t believe it when she realised she had just won $100,000. Margaret was stunned and just started shaking. It wasn’t an easy drive home she said, but thankfully she made it in one piece.

Margaret lives in Vacherie, Louisiana with her husband and daughter. She had planned to take their daughter to Disney World last year. But sadly her husband was laid off from work preventing the trip. Now of course the trip is back on thanks to the Funky 5 lottery scratchers. A large part of the rest of the her winnings will go to paying off the car loan and mortgage, making daily life much easier.

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