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Winner Of Florida Lottery Opens Nude Dude Ranch!

He won a cool $3.3 million jackpot, so what did winner of the Florida lottery Tim Clements decide to do with his money?

Open a nude dude ranch of course!

Tim proudly opened the doors for business just a few weeks ago using his winnings from the Florida lottery, but local Brooksville neighbors saw his new sign and started asking questions. And county code enforcement officers were drafted in to check out the ranch.

And unfortunately Tim didn’t realise that providing B&B facilities and spaces for RV’s needed local authority permission, so clothing optional ‘CJ Dude Ranch’ is in danger of closure before it even gets started.

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Bittersweet day for lottery winner

Glen Bell will remember this day, for the best of reasons and the worst of reasons.

Bell is a bus driver, 52 years old.  He recently matched his winning numbers in the 649 Lotto, and won $4.3 million.  That’s the good news.

The bad news came as Bell and his wife Treva were on their way to the Lottery offices to claim their winnings – they got news of Treva’s father dying unexpectedly.  The mood went from elated to somber very quickly.

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Lottery winner shops for a car

A British lottery winner goes car shopping.  Hmmm…A Ferrari or an Aston-Martin?  Tough decision.

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Store clerk sees opportunity, ends up in prison

It’s a typical scene:  customer comes in convenience store and hands the clerk a lottery ticket from the previous day’s drawing to see if it is a winner.  Clerk says it is not a winner, and customer is not all that surprised.  But what if the ticket was actually a big winner, and the clerk just keeps it and claims the big prize?  That is what happened recently to a man in Baton Rouge.

The store clerk, Melissa Trahan, told him the ticket was no good. 

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Winners from yesterday, updated

Remember yesterday’s post? New millionaires, and they can’t even crack a smile. Well, the husband finally figured out how to answer the question, “What is the first thing you will do with your new wealth?”